St. Charles Hills subdivision, St. Charles, MO

Trim Your Trees!

On January 12th, 2007 an ice storm hit the St. Louis area, with St. Charles being one of the areas that received the most ice. At about 12:30 AM on the 13th the power went out, and was not restored to most homes in St. Charles Hills until Tuesday afternoon.

This storm deposited enough ice on many trees to make their long untrimmed brances snap, and to cause damage to homes, power lines, and other structures. A number of the falling branchs fell on power lines, causing a power outage in the entire subdivision for 3 and a half days! Almost all of this damage was completely preventable!

Homeowners must trim their trees so that the trees can withstand the weight of ice and the force of the wind, and not break. Sure, there is a cost involved, but the costs of the damage are far greater, for you and for your neighbor. Be a good neighbor. Trim your trees.

A nicely trimmed tree can withstand almost
any amount of ice without breaking.

Untrimmed trees however can cause damage and
can be dangerous to anything underneath them.
(This is a park entrance!)

This happened to many trees

This happened a number of places

Same fence

One unlucky homeowner had damage to
both the carport and the pool

January 16th, 4PM, power restored, ready to call it a day     Copyright © St. Charles Hills subdivision
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