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Pets and Other Animals

The following questions can help you to determine if your pet is a "good neightbor".

Keeping your dog from barking

Allowing your dog to bark, especially at night during sleeping hours, is very inconsiderate to your neighbors. Some dogs respond to their owners commands to stop barking, but if they do not, the owners will need to find a way to stop the barking.

Devices exist that can be purchased at your local pet stores or department stores, that can listen for the sounds of barking, and can emit a ultrasonic sound that humans cannot hear, but that dogs can. This sound is harmless but irritating to dogs, and can encourage them to stop barking. If you cannot find these devices in local stores, do an internet search for "Anti Barking Devices".

Keeping your dog inside your yard

Many people speak of the problem of their dog being able to jump or climb over a fence of a certain height. Of course, installing a higher fence is one solution, but what if local subdivision ordinances or bylaws prohibit tall fences? One solution is quite simple, and that is to put your dog on a leash while it is outside. Although this might sound restrictive to your pet, it really isn't, and it might be necessary if you cannot insure that they will not escape from your yard and be a danger to people or other pets.

Chain systems exist that allow your dog a great deal of freedom by setting up a long wire between two objects and allowing your dog's leash to slide the length of the wire, giving them a great deal of movement within your yard, but keeping them inside your yard. These systems are available at local pet stores or department stores, and are often quite inexpensive, much more so than a taller fence. If you cannot find these systems in local stores, do an internet search for "Aerial Run Dog Trolley System", "Aerial Dog Run", or "dog cable run".

Aninal Control FAQ

St. Charles County Animal Control Department Aninal Control FAQ

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