St. Charles Hills subdivision, St. Charles, MO

Newsletter from the St. Charles Hills Subdivision Trustees, 12/12

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Since we have had a large number of new homeowners in the subdivision in the past few years, letís begin with explaining what your assessment is. It is a fee that you, as a homeowner, are responsible to pay, which is currently $50 yearly. With this money we are able to maintain our subdivision including street lights, park maintenance, and insurance. However, with so many homeowners not having paid their assessment this year, and with some not having paid in several years, we are short of needed funds in excess of $24,000. The day you closed on your home in this subdivision is the day you agreed to this assessment fee. You should have been given a copy of the indentures. If you need to review the indentures, they are available on the St. Charles Hills website, or you can contact the Trustees for another copy. Be advised that if the Trustees cannot resolve the issue of having such a shortage of funds that they may need to increase the yearly assessment.

Amending the Indentures

The indentures currently read only a 4 foot chain link fence is allowed. At the request of homeowners wanting to install privacy fences, the Trustees have attempted to amend the indentures. A St. Charles County judge has granted the request to amend the indentures; however, this change will not go into effect until it has passed a majority vote of the subdivision homeowners. For the homes that have put up fences without approval, you will be getting a letter from our attorney. It is not fair to those homeowners that requested permission and were denied and have not proceeded, for you to have ignored the subdivision rules prior to the new change being passed. Our attorney has been paid for his performance to get us this far toward changing the indentures, but with such a low attendance at the meetings and yet so many installing privacy fences, anyway, this appears to have been wasted money because the new indentures have not been approved by the homeowners.

The goal is to send out a modified copy of the indentures in January for your review/comments. We ask that you return this no later than 2 weeks after you receive it. Mail it to the post office box, scan your revisions to, or email your comments to the same (being specific in your articles). There were several meetings set up last year after the voting took place in June. If you signed with a phone number, then you were already contacted. Again, the attendance turnout was low and therefore, very few comments were received. Letís try to move this along so that we can finally get the amended indentures approved.

Some Reminders

There is no dumping allowed in the parks or common grounds. If you see someone doing this, please get a license plate number and call the police immediately or even if they are on foot. This includes but is not limited to the following: furniture, mattresses, bikes, trash, yard waste, etc. You, as a homeowner, have a responsibility to maintain and dispose of your own property waste. Again, for the Trustees to dispose of this, it means the whole subdivision pays for your neighbors dumping. Is this fair to you as the homeowner?

If you have an animal and enjoy walking him/her in the park, then leave him/her on the leash at all times and make sure you pick up the dog waste and dispose of it properly. This is an ordinance with animal control. You never know who is watching! Same thing applies to your own yard. Pick up your animals waste. Your neighbors do not want to smell it. Also, be considerate of your neighbors by not allowing your dogs to bark continuously. Call animal control at 636 949 7387 to report any violations or concerns.

Another HUGE complaint by homeowners is that there have been commercial vehicles including tow trucks and trailers parked on streets and in driveways. Per St. Charles County ordinance, these vehicles are not even allowed in the subdivision. If you see one, note the offenderís address and call the Neighborhood Preservation Department at (636) 949-7500 to report this violation.


Subdivision Garage Sales will automatically be the first Saturday of May and the last Saturday of October every year. The Trustees will put out signs and advertise in the paper. It will be your responsibility if you want to advertise your sale specifically. Save the dates on your calendar. St. Charles County Government now offers assistance for eligible residents by offering the following programs: home-down payment loan, home improvement loan, emergency repair, homeless prevention, and transportation services. Visit the St. Charles County website at for more information. A BIG THANKS to the homeowners that continue to pay their yearly assessments on time, maintain their property, and abide by the St. Charles Hills indentures and St. Charles County ordinances.

Sincerely, Trustees of St. Charles Hills Subdivision

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