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Newsletter September 13th, 2010

Homeowners of St. Charles Hills, your elected trustees have been hard at work!

St. Charles County Courts have granted the subdivision permission to have the "Indentures" amended. We will be holding a meeting at Jefferson Middle School on September 30, 2010 at 6 pm in the cafeteria. The lawyers will be presenting the "Rough Draft" to the subdivision and you will be able to ask questions at this time. Annual Garage Sale -The annual garage sale will be on September 25, 2010 starting at 7 am til 2 pm. The subdivision will supply a free ad in the St. Charles County Journal and will post signs at the entrances of the subdivision. It will be your responsibility to put individual signs in your yard and/or balloons on your mailbox.

Park Cleanup - We will be having our 4th Annual Park Cleanup at Fleet Park on September 25, 2010 starting at 8 am til ? Whatever time is most convenient for you. (WANTED: Ready and willing volunteers!!!) We will be cleaning out the brush that lines the creek, so be sure to wear your work clothes and work shoes and let's all get our hands dirty together! RAIN OR SHINE.

Yard of the Month - St. Charles Hills is now featuring the "Yard of the Month" award! Should you receive this prestigious award, you will proudly display a sign in your front yard, you will have pictures of your home on our website, and most of all you will have the recognition and respect from all who pass by for all your hard work!

Magnets - Magnets have been provided to each homeowner. These include helpful local government and utility phone numbers such as fire, police, water, sewer, etc. We hope you find these to be useful.

Message Board - Our website now offers a "Message Board". This can be used for posting "For Sale", "Services", and "Wanted" items. All posts will be monitored, so please use discretion.

New Homeowner Committee - We are in need of a "Volunteer" to "Welcome" each new homeowner to St. Charles Hills. If you are interested, please contact the trustees.

Assessments -Your annual assessment of $50.00 is due January 1st each year. These funds are important, and are the responsibility of every homeowner. You can contact City and Village Tax Office at 314-739-4800 if you need additional information.

Fence Lines - Please note that it is your responsibility to keep fence lines (both sides) clear of tall grass, weeds, brush, and etc. so that we can maintain the pleasant appearance of the subdivision.

Yard Waste -Yard waste cannot be disposed of in the parks, common grounds, creeks, streets, storm drains, etc. St. Charles County does not clean our streets of leaves and gumballs. When placed in the wrong areas, these items cause many problems for you and your neighbor.

School Back In Session - Please be alert of children walking to and from school. The speed limit in the subdivision is 25 mph. Also, on Zumbehl, the Flashing Yellow lights indicate 15 mph, before and after school. Let's all work together in keeping our children safe!

Aspen Waste - Wouldn't it be nice to have only one trash service throughout our subdivision? Aspen Waste has worked with the trustees in providing us great rates on the large dumpsters for trash and yard waste. They have now provided you with the opportunity to save on trash and yard waste services and the more people that come on board with Aspen, the lower all of our rates for the subdivision will be. This would change the current rate of $14 per month to $12 per month. Aspen Waste can be contacted at 314-890-9820. Please indicate that you are a resident of St. Charles Hills Subdivision and that you want the rate from the trustees, not a flyer.

AT&T Uverse - AT&T is now providing satellite TV & internet service to many of our residents and they are working on service for the balance of the subdivision west of Essex. They are also currently running special deals that you don't want to miss out on! Please contact them at 877-827-5288 or 800-288-2020 and indicate code# CR1018 when signing up. (See enclosed flyer for more details.)

Utilities - As you probably know, all the utilities have had a price increase. We have obtained booklets from the Public Service Commission entitled "A Guide To Help Manage Your Utility Services", in which we hope you find advantageous.

St. Charles Recycling Center - September 25, 2010 is Household Hazardous Waste Day! This will be taking place from 9 am to 3 pm. Make sure to buddy up with your neighbor and take your hazardous waste to 60 Triad South or contact them at 636-949-7415 for more information.

Trustee Position - A new trustee position will be available this fall. If interested, contact us through our website or call the phone number below for more details.

Special Needs - If you are disabled or elderly and need assistance, please call us at 636-724-7221 and we will be more than happy to help out as needed.

As always, thank you, and please visit our web site at

Trustees of St. Charles Hills


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