St. Charles Hills subdivision, St. Charles, MO

Newsletter from the St. Charles Hills Subdivision Trustees, 05/19/07

May 19, 2007

Spring Cleaning

It's not too late for spring cleaning. On behalf of the subdivision, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the 1st Annual Spring Subdivision cleanup. There were 3 yard waste dumpsters and 3 trash dumpsters that were filled within 6 hours of each one being delivered. Total spent was $2,245.80. If we may add, not everyone followed the instructions. Such as, tires were left; hardened bags of concrete left on the outside and numerous other items were left for others to dispose of. Appliances were put in the dumpster. Someone even opened the door to the dumpster and out came the trash. Did they pick it up? No! they left it there for another individual, Mr. West, to pick it up. Mr. West monitored the dumpster by Fleet Park voluntarily. Thanks to Mr. West and to the Good Samaritan that stopped by and helped that day. As for the yard waste dumpster, well it wasn't as bad. Someone did throw plastic bags full of household trash in that dumpster. Why is it that people don't help out and follow instructions when they are provided a free dumpster to use? That's the million dollar question.

Park Cleanup

We need to talk to a Bobcat operator specialist. Please notify Dave with the parks committee. He has a link on our website or talk to him at the next meeting.

We would like to touch on the Lyme Park Cleanup day April 15th. Originally scheduled for the 14th but it rained all day. We had 9 volunteers that day. Seventy two (72) man hours. They filled a 30 yard dumpster filled with nothing but shredded wood. Thanks to all who contributed long hard hours that day and even to the residents who cut and piled the wood (from the ice storm) and cleaned along the waterway prior to the scheduled cleanup. Because of the prior cleanup and stacking of the wood this is why the volunteers were so productive that day. This project would have costs a few thousands of dollars if an outside contractor was hired.

The next scheduled park clean up will be Ipswich Park. Scheduled for June 18th. Prior to this clean up date the residents are encouraged to walk out there back door and start clearing their own fence line and stack the brush so that the mower can continue to maintain the parks. No more dumping gumballs, leaves and branches in the parks. The county came around in January after the ice storm to shred the tree branches but not everyone took advantage of this. Perhaps because the knew they could throw in the parks. NO MORE DUMPING LEAVES AND GUMBALLS IN THE PARKS. The day that we rent a dumpster and chipper you can bring your branches by only to be shredded. Do not throw them in the dumpster whole and do not leave them by the dumpster. Come back when the committee is present. You may also bring your leaves and gumballs by. NO plastic is allowed in the dumpster. PLEASE use this opportunity to get rid of your gumballs. If you live around a storm drain, please clean up the gumballs lying in front of it. Most likely it is your sweet gumball tree that is dropping the gumballs. Most of residents have done a good job cleaning up the gumballs but there are a few that have not. Also, clean the gumballs up that you have piled around the base of the tree trunks.

Some Tips for Keeping Your Neighborhood Looking Good

Aspen Waste has given the subdivision pricing of $13.00 a month (includes a 96 gallon container on wheels) one time pick up a week. Yard waste is $12.00 a month, one time pick up a week. No container for yard waste. Their phone number is 314 890-9820. Please reference (St. Charles Hills-7888). This is a good ideal for those who rake their gumballs around the base of the tree or who blows them out in the street or who don't do anything at all with them.

A lot of houses in the subdivision have been up for sale and the grass has gone un-manicured.. Please feel free to notify the agent and have them call the owner to have the lawn mowed. Even some of the homeowners have not taken care of their own lawns. St. Charles County Code Enforcement will write you up if the grass exceeds 10 inches.

Don't forget to clean up your fence line in the parks. If you see the committee cleaning up the parks, please feel free to join them.

Keep your trees trimmed. If they are in your yard, then they are your responsibility. Do you want to be responsible for an electric outage? There is a tree company that has been working with the subdivision. If you can wait until he has other scheduled work in the area then it could save you some $$$.

Thanks to all who have continuously maintained their biggest investment in there lifetime.


Have you paid your assessment? If not, you will be getting a letter from the Trustees or the Attorney depending on how much you owe. We have a post office box or you can email us as well. Our address is: St. Charles Hills Subdivision Trustee, PO Box 1296, St. Charles, MO 63102. Soon the list of residents that have paid their assessments will be on the web site.

Committee Chairs Needed

Do you want to chair the "Welcoming Committee"? Contact a Trustee. Do you want to chair the "Indentures Committee"? Contact a Trustee.

The Indentures (By-Laws)

Read the indentures and comply! Although many residents have been violating some of the conditions in the indentures in the past, there is now a renewed effort to insure that everyone comply with the indentures.

Please remember, there are to be no new fences, sheds, or buildings installed or built without the prior approval from the Trustees.

In Conclusion

Keep reporting the outages with the street lights! If you need help in anyway, please notify your neighbors or contact us on the web.

Unfortunately, "NO BASEBALL" is allowed in Orton Park, due to the fact that older boys, teens and adults are hitting the ball with all of there might and they are hitting homeowners personal property.

The next quarterly meeting is May 23rd, 2007 at Jefferson Middle School, in the cafeteria at 7:00 pm

Sincerely, Trustees of St. Charles Hills Subdivision

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