St. Charles Hills subdivision, St. Charles, MO

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Newsletter from the St. Charles Hills Subdivision Trustees, 04/05/08

Spring 2008

Spring has sprung as they say; the winter was long with more snow than we've seen in quite a few years. Even on Easter Sunday we saw snow, its time to put the winter behind us.

Over the winter months, even though we didn't meet together, your Board of Trustees has been at work with items pertaining to our community. With the help of some of our residents, we have made great strides in cleaning up our parks and common grounds. Even though there is much more work to be done in this area, we invite you to take a look and perhaps get involved with this effort. Like your Board of Trustees, volunteering is the key to this community's success.

There have been, over the last several weeks, informal discussions concerning the Indentures that govern all of us. Some positive and some negative comments have been noted. There has also been some misguided information spread around in a form of a leaflet.

First and foremost, we believe that the Indentures need to be amended, or changed to better suit the community in which they govern. For too many years these indentures have been ignored, abused and forgotten. These Indentures were established for the betterment of the whole community and not just a few residences, to provide a fair and equal standard for all who live in our community.

Second, neither the Board of Trustees nor this community can change or amend these Indentures because, as they are currently written, there is no provision to do so.

Thirdly, the Trustees cannot enforce the ordinances of St. Charles County. Likewise, St. Charles County cannot and will not enforce our Indentures (see attachment).

The Indentures were not written to take the place of St. Charles County ordinances, but to work hand in hand with them to acquire a standard of living for our residence.

The question is not whether or not the Indentures should be changed, but does this community have the patience, commitment and the endurance to do what's right for all of its residence?

We will talk more about this topic at the meeting on April 15th, 2008 at Jefferson Middle in the cafeteria at 7:00pm.

St. Charles Hills will be having a subdivision GARAGE SALE on May 9th & 10th. Please contact Angela Bosch with Coldwell Banker at or the subdivision line at 636 724 7221 if you will be participating and would like for a specify item to be noted in the advertisement and balloon for your mailbox.

We will also discuss Ameren UE tree trimming updates.

What's new with ATT in the subdivision!

There will be new and amended updates on the ordinances from the County.

We are going to be continuing with the park/common ground clean up this year. As always, we invite each and everyone to join us in this effort. Please continue to maintain the grass on both sides of your fence. This will be less time and work for the volunteers to concentrate on much bigger cleanup efforts throughout the other 7 parks/common grounds in the subdivision.

When posting any signs please discard them in a timely fashion, for example, lost pets, garage sale, house for sale, etc.

Who would like to join the GARDEN CLUB? You would be able to plant and/or decorate the island on Golfway in any desirable way that you see fit, but not at your expense.

The current Board of Trustees ask for your continued support, patience and your prayers as we attempt to fulfill the responsibilities of our elected position.

We hope to see you all on April 15th!

Thank you for listening.

Sincerely, the Trustees of St. Charles Hills Subdivision

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