St. Charles Hills subdivision, St. Charles, MO

Agenda/News for Residents/Trustees Meeting 12/13/06

News from the Trustees of St. Charles Hills (S.C.H.) Subdivision
Bob Martin Chairman, Cathy Ganahl Secretary, Tom Wilkes Treasurer

S.C.H. Subdivision Meeting: December 13, 2006; 7:00 pm-9:00 pm Location: Jefferson Middle School- Cafeteria, Attendance of 146

Meeting agenda: Past due assessments; yard waste; violations; cleaning of the parks and common grounds; neighborhood watch; saint charles hills website; by-laws; open forum and adjournment

Old Business:

New Trustees are Bob Martin (Chairman at 143 votes); Cathy Ganahl (Secretary at 145 votes); Tom Wilkes (Treasurer at 141 votes) and Key Ray at 140 votes.
Speakers -Lt. Craig McGuire with Sheriff dept. and County Executive Steve Ehlmann
Concerns/questions addressed to Lt. McGuire:
More Sheriff patrol-A lot of speeding which in most cases would be the homeowners in the neighborhood.
Lot owners that rent their property need to take more responsibility.
Homeowners would like to meet more often. Quarterly was decided.
Would like to start up an neighborhood watch program. Started Nov 14th
All street lights are now functional. Let us know if any are covered by tree branches.
Dumping in the common grounds is not allowed and will no longer be tolerated.
Trailers parked in driveways in front of the house line is a violation.
Derelict vehicles must be removed.
Trash/rubbish under carport and in back yards. Clean up your property. You are lowering property value of our subdivision.
Playing baseball in any of the parks except Fleet Park is not allowed.
Read the Conditions and Restrictions and comply with them.

What have we accomplished so far:

New Business:


Helpful Numbers:
City & Village Tax Office
314 739 4800
County Highway Department 636 447 8818 (signage repair, street repair, snow removal, etc)
Humane & Environmental Services 636 332 3647 (stray pets, leash law)
County Code Enforcement 636 949 7346 (derelict vehicles, lawn-house-shed maintenance, trash refuge storage)
AmerenUE 800 555 7583 (street light maintenance)
County Sheriff 636 949 0809 Dispatcher 636 949 3000 in house officer ( noise complaint, speeding enforcement)
County Council 636 949 7530

If you have any complaints/comments please fill out the card and drop in the basket.
If you need to get in touch with the trustees please contact the City & Village Tax office at 314 739 4800.

Please have patients with us!

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